Many automobile manufacturers have replaced the traditional mechanical dashboard with the all-LCD one. Features such as high-tech look, customizable information display and reflection of sense of science and technology have led to the great popularity of the all-LCD dashboard. The all-LCD dashboard will be the trend of future development and the related technology is definitely not simple.

The history of dashboard digitalization

The design of a dashboard usually tells the orientation of the vehicle, such as its positioning (price and target customer) and style; therefore, the look of a dashboard resembles the second face of a car. Currently, there are three main types of dashboard design: mechanical gauges, mechanical gauges with LCD Display and all-LCD; among these, LCD dashboards are available in various sizes, such as 4.3-inch, 7-inch, 12.1-inch and 12.3-inch to meet different demands of all cars.

The benefit of introducing the all-LCD dashboard is its customizable information display; drivers can switch the information display according to their needs Except the must-have speedometer and tachometer, the all-LCD dashboard can also display information including fuel gauge, gear, temperature of the radiator, odometer and various indicators (such as turn-signal lights, turn on the headlight and MIL); it can also be integrated with a map for navigation and drivers can even change the theme into sport or high-tech style to meet their preferences. In addition, users can customize the information displayed on the dashboard and adjust according to their preferences as well as moods at any time, which is impossible for the traditional mechanical dashboard to realize.

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