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MOVROBOTICS is unmanned surface vehicles(USV) designed to execute missions while Carrying and delivering payloads for many different tasks that use wind, wave, and solar energies.

There has been a growing awareness of global warming, Air pollution, Dust Storms, and their global, regional, and multi-faceted impacts on the environment, climate, health, livelihoods, agriculture, and socio-economic well-being of societies in the past decades. While all developed countries of the Paris agreement agree on environmental assistance.

However, in the real world, there are not enough instruments for monitoring and control.
One application of USV is to detect and collect plastics from the sea. According to the UN Environment, more than 7 million tons of plastic fall into the sea every year. Which is becoming the food of marine fish and that fish is entering the human body effortlessly
It will be created as an innovative intelligent maritime transportation system for seas and oceans worldwide. Through the patent technology of its founder, MOVROBOTICS offers a highly cost-effective, efficient, and reliable intelligent sea freight service for large companies around the world, including sea mail or taxi


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